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Elevate Your Health

Experience one of the most efficient and effective methods of physical fitness training available. Introducing the VASPER system. Get the benefits of a 2 hour HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout in ONLY 21 minutes!


Our Goal:

We are here to create a supportive, positive environment for your health to thrive! Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.


Elevate Life is located at 900 Howe Ave. #150 Sacramento, CA 95825.
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Client Testimonials

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009 and had led a very active lifestyle to that point. As my muscles started to atrophy I became more sedentary. When I was introduced to Vasper I was weak and had given up hope on being able to be active again. When I was introduced to Vasper all I could think about was gaining my strength back. I have been on a regimen of Zija, Smart Mix, and 3 Vasper sessions a week for 5 months and I am amazed at the difference in my body and mind. I am able to dress, stand up straighter, take larger steps, work in the yard and my mind is so much more clear. I am truly thankful for the continued improvement and I am looking forward to going fishing in the near future!
— Thomas Partin
I had brain surgery, in March of 2018. In addition to brain damage, I was left with muscle weakness throughout my body. When I was introduced to Vasper, I was excited at the prospect of helping to accelerate my healing and recovery process. Coupled with the Zija Smartmix supplement and 3 weekly sessions of Vasper, I was able to see a remarkable improvement on a daily basis. The doctors speculated the healing process would take at least a year. I was able to make a full recovery, in fact I would say actually better than I was before the surgery, in 6 months. Thank you Aaron for giving me the opportunity to make this tragic occurrence into a success story!
— Tina Chavous
Vasper is a great replacement for a full body workout. I like how quick it is and I do not sweat when I am done. It’s truly one of the most efficient and effective high intensity workouts that I’ve ever come across.
— Ray Cordano

Our Trainers


Leanna Ketelsen

Vasper Trainer
Bikram Yoga Instructor
Nutrition coach

I have been a Hot yoga teacher for 10 years. I LOVE the heat, but what I love more is to see someone achieve their physical goals. I am blessed to see these miracles every day. I am thrilled to bring the Vasper system to Sacramento and again witness the changes that can be achieved with the scientifically proven technology of Vasper and Moringa Oleifera.


Aaron Pickard

Vasper Trainer
Strength Training
Nutrition coach

As the co-owner of Elevate Life it is my passion to help each and every one of our clients achieve optimal health and wellness! Whether you are struggling with a health issue or your an athlete wanting to up your game, I'm confident that we've got what you need! I approach my own training with patience and resolve and I bring that same attitude to my clients!


Membership Plans


8 monthly Vasper sessions that will fuel your life! (12 month contract)

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12 monthly Vasper sessions to power your fitness! (12 month contract)

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Unlimit yourself with limitless Vasper! This is a 12 month membership which consists of unlimited weekly use (during normal business hours)

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Are you ready to Elevate Your Fitness?

Discover the powerful benefits of Vasper. Come in to the studio and get started with 3 Vasper sessions for ONLY $50 (this is a 60% savings)! Click the button below to purchase your first 3 sessions, or give us a call at (916) 564-5433 to schedule your first appointment today.